Arzuk Productions & Entertainment

Arzuk Productions is a small production company located at Barstow California, we compose, produce and promote our own music, working together with musicians from around the world, on compilations and collaborations.

Arzuk Productions was founded by Gonzalo Arzamendi & Damian Zukaitis in 2001, Steven Zukaitis become our General Manager in 2005. Sherif Wahba is our VP from Cairo Egypt and Bobby Ludlam who is the Program Director at ArzukRadio and does live programs as DJ. at the station,  Bobby is also the  Manager from our Shop Center.

 We have created different programs to help promote independent musicians like

  Arzuk Artist Of The Month, Arzuk Music Review, Arzuk Music Awards and ArzukRadio.

Arzuk Productions is run and maintain by Gonzalo Arzamendi, Raymond Rowe, Bobby Ludlam, and Steven Zukaitis we all volunteer our time and money,  we also would like to thank!  Sal Censoprano - Rebecca Hosking - Raymon Ashbro and Kathy Arzamendi for the sponsoring. 

 We welcome donations, if you would like to help us with the cost of this programs and maintain this programs running and free please make a donation  (any small donation help).

ArzukRadio: We have 7 main programs -  Arzuk Music Choice  -  Classic Musicians Of Today  -  Do You Remember  -   Make A Tune  -  Arzuk Artist Of The Month - Arzuk Music Award - Music By Request 

How ArzukRadio Works: Independent musicians send us the music as MP3 at [email protected] after review and approved for air play , we set it up on our play list together with all independent music that plays Friday Saturday and Sunday all day also during the week after 10 pm PST. , when we see some support of the musicians toward ArzukRadio we set the music on our live programs:

Arzuk Music Choice - Live program Monday to Saturday 5am to 6am PST with Gonzo and Bobby When our listeners have a positive reaction to the artist and we have at least 5 track of the same artist we play all tracks in different days (one a day), and if artist, listen to our programs, support our station taking part some times on the Chat room , like our post and in some occasion reposting our post, we will set the artist as often as possible on Arzuk Music Choice.

Classic Musicians of Today: this program plays Monday to Friday for 2 hrs 6am to 8am PST and plays only the independent artist selected on this program, Randy Moore- Sal Censoprano - Siravo - Rebecca Hosking - John Scott - Remerge Band - Nick Barnes - Chuck Eaton - Gavin Kaufman - John Cotton - Karen Sucher - Studeo - Steve James - Slinky & P'tit Loup every two months we add one or two artist to this program, artist of this program must be well accepted by our listeners, have a minimum of 5 songs playing at ArzukRadio, have being involved on our chat room and inter-react with our fans friends and listeners, not every day but enough during the 2 months where our audience got to know the artist and their music.

Do You Remember? : Monday to Friday from 8am to 11pm PST on this program we play mainstream music from 60-70-80 and 90's and also we play specific Independent Artist from ArzukRadio, to be on this program as independent Artist their music has to be well accepted by our regular audience, be well know by our listeners be very active at our chat room at Facebook, support ArzukRadio by listening our programs, reposting our posts and invite their own friends to listen to our station, we add artist to this program as we see their support and reaction of our audience. Independent Artist on this program are: Randy Moore - Sal Censoprano - Siravo - Rebecca Hosking - John Scott - Gavin Kaufman

Make A Tune : Any independent Artist can participate on this program, song must have the “specific word” for the month any style any genre track must be submitted no later than specific date will be announced via e-mail at [email protected] put on Subject Make a Tune, we will play all songs on a special live program with Bobby (time and date will be announced) , we will set a poll where general public will be able to vote for the one, winner will get a commemorative watch, a mug and a certificate. Winner will be announced on a live program (To Be Announced time and date) with Bobby and Gonzo at ArzukRadio.

Arzuk Artist Of The Month: An Independent artist will be choose by a friend outside Arzuk, every month artist most to be familiar to our audience, participate in some occasions at the chat from ArzukRadio show support to the station by liking our post and riposting when possible during that month and have at least 10 song playing at the station. We will play one song every day at Arzuk Music Choice, and a full hr 3 days a week on one day we will play all artist of the month of this year 2 songs each artist this is on Sundays.

 Music By Request: live program with Gonzo where the listeners had the opportunity to request music of any independent artist play at ArzukRadio, by text, phone or using FB chat or our page ArzukRadio Request.


Arzuk Music Awards : This is a yearly event,  we accept suggestions from our friends fans artist and listeners for nominations to participate on this program any artist suggested will be considered for nomination ,Arzuk only choose to Arzuk Music Award nominees The Arzuk Artist of the Month of that year, and winners from our program "Make A Tune", a panel of judges will select the 4 finalist of each 

Arzuk Music Awards 2016: Rebecca Hosking (2) - Sal Censoprano (2) - Randy Moore - Hendrik Gruber - Gavin Kaufman - Nick Barnes - Helder Rock - As The Crows Flies

If you send us music we will play it, If you support our programs by listening, and being active on our stations as much as possible we will set you up also as much and on as many programs as is possible. Remember I scratch you back and you scratch mine.

Support to Independent Artist is our main idea, also we would like the support back by: listening to our programs (when possible), liking and commenting in our posting, re-posting our post, participating when possible on the chat at ArzukRadio page, and and also if possible consider a donation 

Help us  to keep our programs running and free.

Thanks for your time and I hope this was clear on how we work here at Arzuk Productions if any questions feel free to contact us here by e-mail or give us a call Arzuk Productions 760-979-2567 or text us at 760-678-0846 . Don’t forget if possible help us to maintain this programs free by making a donation. Gonzo, Bobby and Steven.


Artist Of The Month

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Arzuk Music Choice

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Arzuk Music Awards

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Make A Tune

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