Rebecca Hosking Arzuk Music Award Best Independent Artist 2016

Arzuk Music Award


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Date Line October 1, 2017

Arzuk Music Awards 2016

This is a yearly event, during the year, we select a number of Independent Artist, 

a panel of 15 Judges, outside Arzuk Productions select 3 (sometimes 4) nominees for each category 

Best Songwriter - Best Foreign Language - Best Instrumental - Best Cover Song - Best Original Song - Best Group / Band - Best Female Artist - Best Male Artist - Best Independent Artist

once the nominees are selected we set a poll for the public to vote for the artist they support,  selecting then the winner of each category.

2016 was the first AMA , with great results a total of 6387 friends, fans and listeners of ArzukRadio took part of this event on January 17  on a Live program at ArzukRadio with Gonzo and Bobby Ludlam announced the winner of this year awards.

876 Independent Artist from around the world participate, selecting 30 Nominees 3 or 4 from each category with at the end 8 winners of the Arzuk Music Awards 2016. 

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Nominees on each category was:

Gary Roberts - Ground Pilots -  Robin DeLorenzo - Siravo - Vittorio Garlini -  Ivory Tower Project 

Akif Haseeb - Albert Bermudez & Brent Boberg - BlackDogHat - Calum Duel -Clarke Burton -  Rebecca Hosking - Remerge Band - Helder Rock - Sal Censoprano

John Scott - Nick Barnes - Karen Sucher - Karena K - Mr. Florian -  Randy Moore - Gavin Kaufman -     As The Crow Flies - Hendrik Gruber


Award Winners 

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- Best Independent Arzuk 2016

- Best Female Artist

Rebecca Hosking

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- Best Cover Song

- Best Male Artist


- Best Male Artist

Randy C. Moore

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 - Best Foreign Language 

Hendrik Gruber

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Best Songwriter

Nick Barnes

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Best Original Song

Gavin Kaufman

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Best Instrumental Artist

Helder Rock

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Best Group / Band

As The Crow Flies

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