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ArzukRadio Chart Week # 10 March 11, 2018 

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Most Requested Song This Week  # 1 In our Charts 

"Drums On The Island" 

Sal Censoprano California USA

Most Play Song

Music Choose By System

1 Artist Name: Sal Censoprano 

Drums On The Island

2 Artist Name: John Scott

Title: I Gotta Go

3 Artist Name: The Papa Joe Show

Title: Keep Rollin Along

4 Artist Name: John Scott

Title: Searchin For You

5 Artist Name: Rebecca Hosking

Got The Devil On The Run

6 Artist Name: Menahem Avnaim

Title: sing a happy song

7 Artist Name: John Scott

Title: Long Haired Troubadour

8 Artist Name: Menahem Avnaim

Title: Stronger

9 Artist Name: Studeo

This Time

10 Artist Name: Robin DeLorenzo

Title: Shakey Ground

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Most Request Song

Music Requested By Listeners

 1. Drums On The Island -

    Sal Censoprano

2. Got The Devil On The Run -  

     Rebecca Hosking

3. Swey -  Sal Censoprano

4. Hallelujah - Sal Censoprano  

4. See Saw - Rebecca Hosking 

5. Change Me - Rebecca Hosking

6. Bush Beer and Boogie - John Cotton

7. Dejavu Blues - Karen Sucher

7. Try Try Try - Daniel J. Dirand 

8. Refuge - Randy Moore

9. Sunshine State Of Mind - 

    Randy Moore

10. Our Prfect Place to Be - Studeo

10. Paw - Randy Moore

10. Searching For You - John Scott

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Most Play Artist

Set By System and Arzuk Staff

1. Sal Censoprano

2. Rebecca Hosking

3. Randy Moore

3. Danel J. Durand

4. John Scott

5. Studeo

6. Red Vinyl 

7. Harry V

8. Jen Erickson

9. Karen Sucher

10. Ruzz Evans

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