John Scott - Barstow Ciry

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Playing "the best independent artists from around the world"

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The best independent artist from around the world

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Arzuk Music Choice with Bobby and Gonzo

Every Monday to Saturday 5am PST - 7am CT - 8am ET

1pm UK time 10 pm Sydney Australia Time 

Live program transmitting from Barstow City Ca. with Bobby Ludlam and Gonzo

One hour playing some of the best independent artist from around the world.

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One day a week (Thursday) on our program Arzuk Music Choice.  We will select a song from an independent artist the listeners will have the opportunity to name the Artist of that song  in a private message, the first one in answer the artist will win that day once that the same listener have 3 wins not necessary consecutive but 3 wins will get a mug from ArzukRadio.  (If the artist is listening and is his/her song,  can not participate non the spouse or PR) but fans friends mom, dad , kids yes even if friends from artist.

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If you would like to recommend independent artist for play time send e-mail at

[email protected] 

This program sponsor by Arzuk and by The Haberdashery  

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