Make A Tune "Dejavu"

Make a tune  word "Chill Nights

Any Style any Genre due date November 15, 2017

send wave or MP3 track at [email protected]

Free participation

tracks will play at Special program live with Bobby at ArzukRadio

then all tracks will be also add to play list at Worsley Radio, NQ Radio, AM1670, New USB, and Rescue Me FM

after voting for best song winner will get a certificate and a coffee Mug

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Playing "the best independent artists from around the world"

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The best independent artist from around the world

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Make A Tune 

This is a live program with Bobby Ludlam.

Any Independent artist can participate on making a tune with the specific word choose by Bobby and announced at ArzukRadio any genre any style.

Song most be inn by specific date also announced at ArzukRadio e-mail song, mp3 at

[email protected]

subject Make A Tune 

All song participating will be play at ArzukRadio, winner will be announced on an specific date and artist will get a commemorative watch, personalized mug and a Certificate also selected song will automatically be a nominee on a category at Arzuk Music Award 2017 

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